June 2023 Newsletter

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A Letter from the Rector

The bunting is gone, and the excitement subsided. What great joy we all experienced through the many events of last month to celebrate the King’s Coronation. What now? Do we go back to the humdrum of our busy lives unaffected? Do the decisions we make daily still rest on what we hear in the media or in the workplace. Do you simply go with the flow?

I can’t help but reflect on the traditions of the past and question the meaning and the beliefs of those who went before. Much of what I saw in the coronation service still sits well with many today, but for too many it made no sense. Why was the King hidden behind a screen for example? I heard one person on TV ask, “Why was the King hidden, we have a right to see!” Clearly it isn’t only understanding that we struggle with but an attitude and level of respect toward others or the positions they occupy. It is a sign of a lack of Christian teaching. This is nothing to do with church or belief. It is about the values we find in the Bible that have shaped our society and much of the world. Despite the media reporting that we are no longer a Christian country, the entire basis of our culture and tradition is Bible based. Even for those who do not believe it cannot be denied. I call into question the morals and motived of anyone who tries to undermine the foundation of our society.

People are generally very fickle. And so, it is vital that the Christian voice is heard loud and clear and not eclipsed by the din of the noisy minority with that questionable motivation. In the mid-sixties, in the southern states of America, over 75% of white people believed in the segregation of black people in public. Within less than two years this statistic turned completely the other way round. Challenge all thinking and motives, and good will overcome evil. Most people are uninformed or ill-informed. Teaching the truth of the Gospels, the values of Christianity, is themission of God as taught by Jesus. You don’t have to believe in God to accept that fact.

Things are not perfect; they never have been. Humans have always abused the position of power and authority. We move ever forward, not always in the right direction and often motivated by the wrong ideals and values. This is why it is so important to teach biblical values and to understand the basis of our society. Then it begins to make sense and better decisions are made for the greater number of people.


Rev Barry

Diary: St Peter & St Paul, Saltwood

Our regular pattern of worship includes a service every Sunday at 10am. Usually this is Holy Communion (to which all are welcome, whether or not you choose to receive communion) with a Family Service on the fourth Sunday of each month. However, please note the changes for this month, listed below. Other services of Holy Communion are shown on the website calendar, along with all services and events for the month.

Sunday Club, for children aged 3 – 10 is held at 10am in the Lads’ Club, on the fist and third Sundays in term time.

Some highlights for your diary include:

Monday 5th 14.00Monday Chats in the Lads’ Club – and each following Monday
Tuesday 6th19.30PCC meeting
Wednesday 7th10.00 – 11.30Saltwood Toddlers in the Lads’ Club – and each following Wednesday
14.30Afternoon Prayer Group at 34 Harpswood Lane
19.00ALPHA ion the Lads’ Club – and each following Wednesday
Thursday 8th 18.30Deanery Confirmation Service at Saltwood Church
Wednesday 14th14.00Cinema Club in the Lads’ Club
Sunday 25th 14.00Open Gardens and Flower Show

Items for the combined July / August Magazine

If you have any items for next edition of the magazine, please forward to Beth Lewsey, by 24th June by email if possible,

to: parishmagazine@saltwoodchurch.org

or deliver to 20 Castle Avenue.  (Tel 01303 264577)

Useful Contacts

Rector – Rev Barry Knott: Telephone: 01303 883243 email: rev.barry@icloud.com

Church website: www.saltwoodchurch.org

Community Support Hub: 01303 269602

Parish Pastoral Support: 0300 030 1330

Children & Families Ministry (including weddings and baptisms) – Christine Clover:

Telephone: 0300 030 1662 email: christineclover@lympneandsaltwoodchurches.uk

Lads’ Club Bookings: Jan Heard 01303 266945 email: jan.entendu@gm

Parish Magazine: Beth Lewsey 01303 264577 email: parishmagazine@saltwoodchurch.org

From the Parish Records

We welcome into the family of the Church:

Micah Hatfield and Natalie Richards, whose baptisms were on 21st May

Congratulations to:

Lucinda Hurley and Thomas Quested who were married on 27th May

Intercessions for June

Today we pray especially for:

1           Those who live in Castle Road, Kiln Corner, The Close and Castle Crescent
2           Businesses in our parish
3           The Barnabas Trust
4           Those struggling with addiction, thinking particularly of those known to you
5           St Mary & St Ethelburga Lyminge, St Mary Postling and All Saints Stanford
6           Those who live in Cylinder Road and Freshfield Lane
7           Christian communities facing persecution
8           Our ministry team
9           Village community groups
10        Our own discipleship as a community of faith 
11        Those who live in Fairlight Road and Harpswood Lane
12        Carol Cooke and John Campbell, our Churchwardens, and the      members of the PCC
13        Our local hospitals and Tricia Hill who leads the Canterbury hospital          chaplaincy team
14        The King and the Royal Family
15        Those with physical and mental health needs and those who care for them, thinking particularly of those known to you
16        Our prayer groups
17        Those who live in New Road and The Coppice
18        Messy Church
19        Deanery Synod, its committees and officers
20        St Mary & St Eanswythe Folkestone, and St Peter Folkestone
21        Those who live in Tanners Hill, Tanners Hill Gardens and Deedes Close
22        Barry, our Rector

23        The bereaved and those who care for them, thinking particularly of those known to you
24        Esuubi – Ugandan Orphans
25        Saltwood Primary School – Paul Newton, his staff and pupils
26        Those who live on The Green, Old Saltwood Lane and Conway Close
27        St Luke Hawkinge and St Martin Acrise
28        Rose, Bishop of Dover and Darren, Archdeacon of Ashford
29        Mission Aviation Fellowship
30        Our Toddler groups

A Prayer for the Month of June

(5th June is World Environment Day)

Eternal God,
whose Spirit moved over the face of the deep bringing forth light and life;
by that same Spirit, renew your creation, and restore your image in your people.
Turn us from careless tenants to faithful stewards,
that your threefold blessing of clean air, pure water and rich earth
may be the inheritance of everything that has the breath of life
and one generation may proclaim to another the wonder of your works;
through Jesus Christ, your living Word,
in whom the fullness of your glory is revealed.

Rt Revd Libby Lane
Bishop of Derby

Prayer Meetings

Sundays at 9 40 am in Saltwood Church

Fridays at 9 30 am in Saltwood Church,

Please note the following for June:

The Afternoon Prayer Group meets on Wednesday 7th June at 2 30pm at 34 Harpswood Lane.

The evening Prayer Group is not meeting until the Alpha Course has finished.

We are getting a Rota together for people who would like to pray for others following Sunday Services. One team is already doing a Course on Prayer at the Living Well in preparation for this important task. There is another Course of five sessions commencing in either September or October. These courses are usually about 1.30pm to 3.30pm. If this is something you would be interested in, please have a word with Carol or John.

Monday Chats

We are hoping to take a party of us from Monday Chats to the Clifton Hotel for afternoon tea on Monday 3 July at a cost of £12.95 per person. You would be very welcome to join us. Give Carol a ring on 07795 100 441 if you would like to come.

Saltwood Cinema Club

Will be showing

The Lost King

on Wednesday 14th June

at 2pm at the Lads’ Club

In 2012, after having been lost for over 500 years, the remains of King Richard III were discovered beneath a carpark in Leicester. The search had been orchestrated by an amateur historian, Philippa Langley, whose unrelenting research had been met with incomprehension by her friends and family and with skepticism by experts and academics. The Lost King is the life-affirming true story of a woman who refused to be ignored and who took on the country’s most eminent historians, forcing them to think again about one of the most controversial kings in England’s history. The film stars Sally Hawkins as Philippa and Steve Coogan who was also a co-writer of the film.

Cost £5 per person to include tea and cake

All proceeds to the Lads’ Club Funds

Christian Aid

Donations still welcome!

Sadly, the Christian Aid Coffee Morning was not well attended this year. Well, it was a beautiful sunny day! However, there is still time to donate. Carol is always pleased to separate you from your money – well for a good cause that is, and there is a desperate need throughout the world for food and assistance to live. You can hand your donation to her, to John Campbell or to Laurie Maxfield.


Visit the Bell Tower!

As part of the Open Gardens event on 25th June, the Bell Tower at Saltwood Church will also be open to visitors, between 2pm and 4pm.

Do you know the difference between ringing and chiming? Here is the ideal opportunity for those if you who are aspiring campanologists to discover the answer! Bells need to be ‘up’ for ringing, but on this occasion they will remain ‘down,’ so there will be the chance to climb into the bell chamber, and also to chime a bell.

Our resident ringers will be there to greet you and literally ‘show you the ropes’.

Saltwood’s Sparkling Coronation Tea

Two important events occurred on the 6th and 7th of June.

The first was the Coronation of King Charles III on the Saturday then the fantastic Sparkling Celebration Tea at the Lads’ Club on 7th June. It was a well attended village event with cardboard crowns and a sea of red, white and blue. Everyone was in a post Coronation mood and the sparkling wine kept flowing.

The food was exemplary and the choice was calorie-loaded. As usual, Sue Beggs, Penny Marsh and their team were at the heart of this wonderful spread. People were overwhelmed with the choice of food which included: Charlie’s ears, Camilla cup-cakes and Balmoral Bakewell tart!

Well lubricated, various party pieces were provided by Roger Martin, Sue Lewis and Joan Hawkins who gave an exceptional rendition of “Albert and the Lion” plus northern accent.

Sing Song followed with ‘Redcoat Barry’ leading the chorus and the talented Richard Baulch twinkling the ivory keys.

It must have been good as everyone was reluctant to go home!

Save the Date!

Saturday 9th September – RIDE & STRIDE event – watch out for further details next month –
but do put the date in your diary now!

Trinity Sunday

The eagle-eyed among you may have noticed that the calendar on page 4 refers to Sunday 4th June as ‘Trinity Sunday’. This is always the Sunday following Pentecost (or Whitsunday as some of you may still call it) and reminds us that the doctrine of the Trinity is one of the most important of the Christian faith, for it goes to the very heart of what God is like. The Bible is quite clear:  there is one God, but He is revealed in three ‘persons’ – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.  

The Bible reveals a pattern: God the Father lives in heaven and has never been seen. God the Son became the incarnate Jesus Christ, who made known to us the Father, and God the Holy Spirit, who is unseen, has been sent to live within and to equip His people, the Church.

The Trinity is basic to our salvation – for these three persons in the one Godhead have combined to save us from our sins: it is the WILL of the Father, the saving WORK of the Son, and the indwelling WITNESS of the Holy Spirit. (John 14:16, 23-26). 

St Stephen’s, Lympne

Services and Events in June

3rdWedding: Rachel and Oliver14.00
4thParish Communion11.00
11thHooba family Service led by Steve’s Club
17thCoffee Morning10.30
18thMorning Worship11.00
22ndParish Communion11.00
30thWedding: Melanie and Shaun12.00


Meets at The Lads’ Club, Rectory Lane, Saltwood, CT21 4QA

10-11am during term time

We have a wonderful time with all sorts of art & crafts and cooking, games and lots of drama.  Fun groups for children aged 3-10 years. 

The Monday Club for young people aged 11 – 16 years is also held from 5.30 – 7.00 pm at its usual venue.

New faces to both groups are always very welcome.

For more information ring: Christine Clover on 0300 0301662,

text: 07379 877846 or email:  christineclover@lympneandsaltwoodchurches.uk.


The church is now open during the day throughout the Summer. 



Following the consultation process regarding the proposal to replace the tired old benches (not called pews as they are not fixed to the floor) with chairs, the overwhelming preference of sample chairs which have been on display for the past month was the ICS Eton Light.   The next step is to obtain a faculty (church planning permission) and a fundraising campaign is being developed.  Further information will follow.


Once again we welcomed Chris and Nic from Ashford Sings, who encouraged all of us to find our singing voices.  After warming up and sorting out whether our voices were up in the clouds or well and truly earthbound at a lower level, we spent a (reasonably!) tuneful hour, as Chris put us through our paces, learning, practising and recording a hearty rendition of’ The Long and Winding Road’. Eat your heart out Eurovision! Our efforts were then rewarded with some delicious refreshments. As always, we thoroughly enjoyed a lively time together catching up with our friends. Next month we shall be meeting to share our annual lunch out.

Lympne Fellowship normally meets at 1.15pm in the Harry Margary Hall on the 2nd Thursday of the month, with a programme of interesting and informative talks and activities. 

For further information about our group, please contact Jill Page on 01303 263756.

Lympne Church – Coffee Morning


10.30am – 12.30pm

  • Come and join us for coffee, cakes and savoury bakes. 
  • If the sun is shining, sit out and enjoy. 
  • Well-behaved dogs welcome.

Proceeds to maintenance of the church plus

a donation to this month’s nominated charity:

Hythe Dementia Awareness Forum

Guided Walks


Our president Julie Andrews welcomed forty-one members to the May meeting. Valerie Humphries was thanked for the flower arrangement for the President’s table: tea hostesses Julie Clark and Evelyn Frith were also thanked.

Apologies for absence were accepted and the record of the last meeting was approved and signed.

East Kent Federation had sent a flyer from a television production company who are looking for Hobbyists for a new programme with Jay Blades.

Subgroups. The Book Group, Knit and Natter Group, Patchwork Group and Walking Group held meetings in May. Lunch Club – next meeting will be on Thursday 22nd June at the Lord Whisky Tea Rooms. More details are on the website.

On July 27th there will be an outing to Walmer Castle and Gardens with a Cream Tea. More information is on the website.

Volunteers are needed to make the flower arrangement each month and for coffee hostesses.

Next on the agenda was a coffee break when we were served with tea or coffee and a warm croissant with butter and jam. As usual there was plenty of chatting as well.

Mary Hunter then took us through the resolution for this year’s NFWI Annual Meeting which will be held in Cardiff on May 25th, Clean Rivers for People and Wildlife. There were many interesting facts and figures for us to think about and members unanimously voted in favour of the resolution. As is usual members gave our delegate discretion to change the vote, if necessary, on the day. Julie thanked Mary for presenting the resolution.

There followed a quiz on all things to do with rivers.

The next meeting will be on Friday June 9th when Kay Hygate will be helping us to make crowns. Please bring, scissors, a pencil, and a ruler.

Prospective new members are welcome to come to one of our monthly meetings and can use the contact form on the website https://castlegreenwi.org.uk

Margaret Alcock

Finishing with a Smile …

The nice thing about living in a small town is that when you don’t know what you’re doing, somebody else always does!

A local DJ was introducing a record at our annual parish party. “This next one,” he said, “is for Charlotte, a choir member, who is a hundred and eleven! Hey, Charlotte, congratulations on a ripe old age!” There was a short pause and then the DJ said in a somewhat more subdued voice, “I’m sorry, I got it wrong. This next one is for Charlotte, who is ill.”