January Newsletter


Saltwood e-magazine January 2022

A letter from our Rector:

Christmas was both a blessing and a curse this time round. We were blessed with far more freedom than Christmas 2020, many were able to attend events and enjoy gathering even though still restricted. The difficulty I found this time was the anxiousness of not knowing. As we pushed on with our plans, regularly reviewing our precautions, it was impossible to predict what people would choose to do and if they would want to attend the events at all? Added to this was the fluidness of the restrictions. Christmas 2020 was very clear for most people. This time things seemed a little vague and people had to make their own minds up as to what was best for them and their loved ones.

Life is like that, and we must often make decisions whilst faced with too much choice. We live in a time when there is more information readily available than at any other time in history. The danger is that we take things as read, and at times, take things from unreliable sources. Over the history of the last two-thousand years, many have translated and interpreted what the Bible is telling us. Not everyone can be right and those who are right can easily misuse that God given information. We must make the effort to determine our own informed decisions.

The Bible is often referred to as the ‘Living Word’. This is because it talks to us in the moment, in the very situation we are in. If we read a passage and appreciate what it is saying, the next time we read the same passage. it may tell us something else or deeper to what we learnt before. This is what makes the Bible unique and powerful for it holds the answer to all our challenges in life.

If we take the time not only to read the Bible but also prayer and allow God to inform our thinking, we learn much more. It is a matter of discipline, taking the time regularly read the Bible and praying. On Saturday 26th February, we have a workshop in the Lads’ Club where leaders from the Living Well, the Diocese Wellbeing Centre, are coming to give all of us help and guidance in improving our spiritual health. All are welcome and more information will be shared throughout this month.

If this doesn’t sound like your sort of thing, then I suggest you make an extra effort to attend. Our spiritual health as individuals and as a church is critical to benefitting from all God has for us.

Whoever gives thought to the word will discover good and blessed are they who trusts in the Lord. Psalm 16:20

Rev Barry

Diary – St Peter and St Paul, Saltwood

Our regular pattern of worship includes a service every Sunday at 10am. Usually this is Parish Communion (to which all are welcome, whether or not you choose to receive communion) with a Family Service on the second Sunday of each month. Other services of Holy Communion are shown on the website calendar, along with all services and events for the month.

A prayer meeting is held in the lady Chapel at 9.40 each Sunday, preceding the main service.

Choir practice is held each Thursday at 7pm. New members are always welcome.

Make a note:-

Wednesday 5th & 19th10.00Holy Communion
Wednesday 5th 19.30Prayer Meeting in the Lads’ Club
Wednesday 12th and each following Wednesday10.00 – 11.30Saltwood Toddlers in the Lads’ Club
Saturday 15th 16.00Messy Church in the Lads’ Club
Sunday 30th 10.00Benefice Communion at Saltwood

From the Parish Records

We welcome to the family of the Church:
Elisabeth Dorothy Wilkinson-Snazel who was baptised on 12th December
Our love and sympathy go to the family and friends of:
Kathleen Wade, whose funeral was on 14th December, and
Carl O’Dwyer, whose funeral was on 17th December

Intercessions for January

Today we pray especially for:-

1          Those who live in Bartholomew Close and Lea Close

2          Those who protect us – the emergency services
3          All who worship at St Peter & St Paul and at Pedlinge
4          Tear Fund, Nigeria
5          The lonely, thinking particularly of those known to you
6          Those who live in Bartholomew Lane and St John’s Road
7          Those who visit our church and those who make use of it
8          Holy Trinity Folkestone, St George Folkestone, and St. Paul Sandgate
9          Our organists and choir
10        Canterbury Cathedral, Diocesan House and their staffs
11        Those who live in Hillcrest Road and Quarry Lane
12        Those who care for the church and churchyard and make them beautiful
13        The national role of the Church of England
14        St John the Baptist Folkestone
15        Our neighbours
16        Those who live in Holly Close and Mulberry Court
17        Those unsure of their future, thinking particularly of those
known to you
18        St Augustine’s Primary School – staff and pupils
19        The Pilgrims Hospice
20        Families going through difficult times, thinking particularly those known to you
21        Those who live in North Road West, North Road and Barrack Hill
22        Those parts of the world where there is war or political strife and those who suffer as        a result
23        Our own benefice with St Stephen Lympne
24        Her Majesty’s Government and members of Parliament
25        Compassion UK
26        Those who live in Pedlinge and Sandling
27        The terminally ill and their families, thinking particularly of those known to you
28        Our study groups
29        Other, non-Anglican, churches in the local area
30        Mercy Ships
31        Those who live in Sandling Road and Highfield Close       

Useful Contacts

Rector – Rev Barry Knott:  Telephone: 01303 883243  email: rector@saltwoodchurch.org

Church website: www.saltwoodchurch.org

Community Support Hub: 01303 269602

Parish Pastoral Support: 0300 030 1330

Parish Administrator – Barbara Fittall: Telephone: 0300 030 1332   email: parishadministration@saltwoodchurch.org

Children & Families Ministry (including weddings and baptisms) – Christine Clover:

Telephone: 0300 030 1662   email: christineclover@lympneandsaltwoodchurches.uk

A Prayer for January

Lord of all creation,

Lord of all the years,

Thank you for steering us through the fragmented landscape of two pandemic-riddled years.

Here we stand at the beginning of a new year, not knowing what lies ahead. Our only security lies in you, Lord.

Please take our hands and guide us, day by day, into January and beyond. We will not be afraid, Lord because you have promised never to leave us, never to forsake us. And you keep your promises. We are safe.

2022, here we come… expectantly,

In Jesus’ name,


( Daphne Kitching)

Monday Chats

It has been wonderful to meet up each Monday for a cup of tea and have a natter. We have met quite a few new faces, and some old ones who are revisiting us. Geoff silences us for half an hour and gets everyone ‘eyes down looking’ with a bingo session  – and not a small amount of cheeky comments from a certain Rector!

 If you have some spare time on a Monday afternoon, give us a try. We will be pleased to arrange transport if needed.

(Carol & Geoff Cooke 07795 100 441)

Monthly Prayer Meeting

Our next meeting is on Wednesday 5 January at 7. 30pm in the Lads’ Club. If you have an hour to spare you would be very welcome to spend it with us.

(Carol Cooke 07795 100 441).

Lent Lunches

Covid permitting, we are hoping to hold our Lent lunches again in our newly refurbished and super Lads’ Club. Lent Saturdays are from 5th March through to 9th April, so put the dates in your diary and perhaps you can think about your way to help, varying from washer uppers, soup makers, cake makers and so on. Lists will go up in early February so let’s enjoy some good fellowship after last year when we were all in lockdown.
It would be great if you could save a few bottles/jars that we could fill and sell with any leftover soup.

Prayer Workshop

As mentioned in the Rector’s opening letter, this is an all-day event on Saturday 26 February, which will include lunch.

We are fortunate to have a team from The Living Well Foundation who will give us pointers and suggestions on how we might work together to make our churches more effective, not only within the church family but also to people we engage with, and to those who we hope will follow in our aging footsteps.

We have an amazing group of workers within our church, but we need an enthusiastic younger group who will be keen to take up the mantle. We must realize the importance of this, and prayer is something we can all engage in together, particularly for the future of our church and the church family. So please think carefully about this, and when the list goes up, add your name to it.

Items for the February Newsletter

If you have any items for next month’s news-sheet, please forward to Beth Lewsey,

by 24th January,  by email if possible,

to: parishmagazine@saltwoodchurch.org

or deliver to 20 Castle Avenue.  (Tel 01303 264577) 

Thank you!

St Stephen’s Church

HAPPY NEW YEAR   FROM  St Stephen’s church


Sunday 2nd


Parish Communion

Sunday 9th


Hooba Family Service

Sunday 16th


Morning Worship

Sunday 23rd


Parish Communion

Sunday 30th


Benefice Communion at Saltwood

Steve’s Sunday Club, with fun groups of children aged 3 – 10 years, is held on Sunday mornings in the Harry Margary Hall during school term times from 10.45 – 12.00 noon (except on the 2nd Sunday of the month when we lead the Family Service).  The Monday Club for young people aged 11 – 16 years is also held from 5.30 – 7.00 pm.

New faces to both groups are always very welcome.

For more information please ring Christine Clover on 03000 301662

Lympne Fellowship Group – met on the 9th December in a well-ventilated Harry Margary Hall for the annual Christmas social. We enjoyed a super bring-and-share buffet, safely distanced games and ‘secret Santa’, interspersed with much jolly chat! Rules and restrictions permitting the next meeting will be on January 13th, when Andrew Ashton will give a talk about Beryl Cook, entitled ‘Reubens with Jokes.’ For more details contact Jill Page on  01303 263756

Lympne Monthly Coffee Morning

22nd January, 10.30 – 1pm

First of all, our Christmas Coffee Morning raised £325£100 of which has been donated to The Pilgrims Hospices, so a big THANK YOU to all who helped to make it such a success. 

We will now be holding a monthly coffee morning event to raise money for St Stephen’s with a donation going to a nominated charity – this month Home Farm Trust.  

So, do come and join us for coffee and cake, take a break while out for that walk (well-behaved dogs welcome), catch up with old friends and make some new, in the surroundings of our lovely church.    We look forward to seeing you on the 22nd.

Studying History and Archaeology in Lympne (SHAL)

Happy New Year to you all. Having decided to cancel our Christmas Party in December because we felt that with increasing numbers of the new Covid 19 strain we should not hold this event, we hope to be able to meet in the Harry Margary Hall on Tuesday 18th January at 7.30 pm for our 3rd annual ‘Memories of Lympne’ session. This year we are examining eighteenth century tithe maps and field boundaries, together with displaying another selection of the Millennium Exhibition Boards produced by Carole Edwards, as well as new pictures from Brian Oxley and photos from Fiona Jarvest and John Simpson. If you have particular memories of Lympne in the past, please come along and share them with us. Whether you are a member, or non-member, you are welcome to join us.

Lympne (Corner of The Street and Castle Close) c 1906

For the following meeting on Tuesday 15th February, our own metal detectors, Simon Read and Andy Fyfield, will show and discuss finds from their recent activities in Lympne.

For any enquiries about SHAL and its activities please contact Rosemary Stutchbury on 01303 266966 or email her at rosemary@stutchbury.myzen.co.uk

Smile Lines

A government warning said that anyone travelling in icy conditions should take:- shovel, blankets, sleeping bag, scarf, hat and gloves, 24 hours supply of food and drink, de-icer, rock salt, torch, spare batteries, road flares, reflective triangles, tow rope, a five gallon petrol jerrycan, first aid kit, and jump leads. So, I looked a complete idiot on the bus this morning!

… A visiting minister was very long-winded. Every time he felt he’d made a good point in his sermon, he would repeat it all over again. Finally, the host pastor started responding to every few sentences with ‘Amen, Pharaoh!’ The guest minister wasn’t sure what that meant, but after several more ‘Amen, Pharaohs’ he concluded his very lengthy sermon.

After the service was over and the congregation had left, the visiting minister turned to his host and asked, “What exactly did you mean when you said ‘Amen, Pharaoh?’

His host minister replied, “I was begging you to let my people go!”

Castle Green W I

President Julie Andrews welcomed thirty-six members and two guests to our December meeting. Our two Christmas trees from the Christmas Tree Festival were still in situ with lights twinkling although the jam and Jerusalem decorations had been removed.

Members who had made the decorations had donated them to be sold during the meeting. Apologies were accepted and the record of the last meeting was read, approved, and signed. Mary Wheatley was thanked for her delightful Christmas flower arrangement.

Elisa Croucher thanked those members who had made cakes for the refreshments in the Lads’ Club for the festival. Kay Hygate thanked Castle Green for entering the festival which was a great success.

On December 2nd 46 members and friends gathered at Lympne Castle for a Christmas lunch which was enjoyed by everyone. Jean Lewis thanked the committee for organising the event.

The next meeting of the Knit and Natter group will be held on Zoom on January 20th at 2pm. Following on from the highly successful knitted blankets project the group will be knitting fiddle muffs which are helpful for those suffering from dementia. Jackie Vickerman has the full details.

At the January meeting Barbara Buckie will be organising a Sales Table. Many members will remember that this has been a regular feature of our meetings. Please remember to put your name and the price you are asking on the item and, most importantly, remember to take it home if it is not sold. Twenty percent of each sale will go to institute funds.

After enjoying mince pies, mulled wine/apple juice and a good chat members readied themselves to make a Christmas cracker led by Margaret Palmer. Margaret had been our speaker at our last face to face meeting in March 2020 when we had made a table decoration out of paper napkins. She supplied us with everything we needed and with her sense of fun and dry wit led us through the process of making a cracker. During the next hour with Margaret and her assistant’s help and with much concentration and a lot of laughing we each made a cracker complete with hat, motto, gifts, and a “banger.” Gill Chapman thanked Margaret for a lovely Christmassy morning.

On behalf of members Margaret Alcock presented Julie Andrews with a liquid gift to thank her and her husband for all their help to get us Zooming over the past months which kept Castle Green going and for our Blog.

The next meeting is on January 14th at 10am in the Lads’ Club and will be a taster morning to include Patchwork, Knitting, Crochet Leaf Weaving, Flower decoration and Card playing. All details are on our website. castlegreenwi.org.uk

Margaret Alcock

Wishing all our readers a Happy and Healthy